Want to Join The Tiny House Movement?

Difficult to miss the Tiny Houses or micro houses, which flourished in the world in recent years. These new houses, voluntarily small for ecological reasons and budgets, are in full development and attract more and more people. The majority of these homes are affordable for any budget, allowing fans to stay in debt for a lifetime. In addition, the small area reduces the energy bill in an obvious way. Total autonomy at a lower cost thanks to solar panels is more than ever within the reach of happy owners.

However, a small house does not mean that there is a lack of comfort because the approach of the design is multifunction. That is, combining elements and functions to save space. Overall, the design is very ingenious and reinvents all kinds of features. An idea that is both simple and ingenious to bring simplicity back to the heart of the home.

The tiny house shows that you do not necessarily need large space to live comfortably, a small space well thought out and arranged will do the trick.


Entrust your project

If you plan to join the Tiny House movement and live the experience, we have designed plans that will make you want to build your own. We design for you small ecological wooden houses according to your needs and desires. The tiny houses are tailor-made to meet all expectations for a multifunctional home.