The response of the logistics company to COVID 19


The COVID-19 pandemic continues to affect every part of the world economy severely. Now more than ever, the world stares at a possible economic meltdown, with thousands of companies have folded up.

One of the companies that have continued to feel the heat of the COVID-19 is a 3rd party logistics company The company continues to wear a strong face, in defiance to the ravaging effects of the novel coronavirus. 

But, how exactly are they dealing with this pandemic? 

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Most consumers aren’t still aware of the severe effects

It may surprise you that most consumers do not know the hardship the logistics industry is undergoing to maintain business as usual. 

You see, for most consumers, what they care about is their ability to purchase and receive their shipments as a result. 

However, both the logistics industry and consumers must know the positive steps needed to keep the supply chain moving. 

The coronavirus pandemic might have shaken every sector in the world. However, for most logistics companies like Sooner Logistics, they always factor in anticipated shutdowns. As a result, they’re managing this pandemic pretty well.

How are the Logistics companies coping up?

Even before the coronavirus hit, the Logistics market was already stuck in the mud. With this pandemic going on for longer than we anticipated, the freight market rebound will delay even longer. 

However, there are still practical approaches we can employ to keep the industry afloat. 

But more than anything else, we need to remain steadfast and optimistic amid the corona scare.

Here are some of the ways Logistics companies are coping up

1. Crisis management While we may never foresee a misfortune, we can nonetheless come up with policies to cushion us, and our business at such times. We can all agree that with crisis management plans in place, we can easily cope up with the interruption supply. And most companies are now employing these plans to keep their activities moving.

2 Dual sourcing. As mentioned, we mentioned earlier; we can never foresee the occurrence of any misfortune. But as a stop-gap measure, we usually put in plans to counter any circumstance that might disrupt our business. As a business, it would be advisable for an alternative logistics or supply chain in case there is an interruption. 

3. Rates. Most logistics companies are renegotiating their rates to cushion retailers from the e-retail agents. 

4. Communication. As a way to mitigate this pandemic, most logistic companies are engaging their clients in continuous dialogues to know which areas to address. 

Let’s agree. It may be too late for dome companies to come up with contingency plans to counter the COVID-19 pandemic. However, they should focus on planning earlier to cushion themselves from such scenarios.