Reasons Why Car Paint Can Lose Color And Shine

There are many explanations and reasons why one or more defects appear in a car’s paint. The most common ones always have to do with the repainting process, such as:

  • Due to a bad application of paint or the misuse of certain tools and equipment.
  • Because the surface is not properly prepared or the right mixture is not made for the type of sheet to be painted.
  • Because drying times or the most appropriate methods are not respected according to the materials and the type of surface or finish to be achieved.

Also, some defects may appear due to external factors such as biological agents to which the surface is exposed or even weather conditions.

Loss of gloss and color on the surface of a car

Among the defects that we can find is the loss of color and gloss on the surface, a problem that can be caused by the aforementioned bad practices or external factors that influence the paint of the car.

But, mainly, for not respecting the hardening time of the paint. Also, if drying is not carried out outside the booth at very low temperatures, if the surface is cleaned with very aggressive soaps or due to poor polishing.

How to solve or prevent this problem from appearing?

There are several actions you can take to prevent this defect from occurring. For example:

  • You must take care that the finishing paints are applied on well-dried fillers, and then dry the paint in the booth at 60 degrees, especially if the external temperature (ambient) is very low.
  • You should avoid washing recently painted vehicles with very aggressive detergents or doing it through tunnels with rollers or polishing before the surface is completely dry.

On the other hand, we remind you that you must always follow the indications of the technical sheet and respect them.

Loss of gloss can also be corrected by sanding the damaged area and repainting, but that is only in case the paint is completely undone.

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